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We are consistantly generating over 100,000+ quality Impressions a month

Fully responsive

A family oriented team dedicated to our clients success monitor results 24 hours a day to maximize your marketing dollars.

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Multiple Methods

Multiple platforms are at ours and your disposal alike, but when you need them handled by professionals we are here for you.

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modular components

Modular methodology lets design and modify in real time responding to increases in traffic and enriching a presence in your industry.

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suits your style

This is the cornerstone of our business model. Only to use what makes sense for your brand. Don't buy what you don't need. we only offer customized accounts based on needs and budget.

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Organic social media plans

Content creation, ad generation, split testing, data analyzation, ad spend management, smart facility technology's, 3d rendering and animations, web development, e-commerce, virtual galleries and spaces, meta integration, blockchain technologies, crypto asset management, the list really goes on forever. These are current daily task our network handles every day. We provide real world solutions.

You Came Her For A Reason!

We are an IT Solutions Company. We solve problems. Rather it be how to get more customers, how to make more sales, how to grow organically online, small and massive events alike.

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Save tons on design and development

Design and implementation takes time. Your Time! In fact, we believe you should spend your time achieveing your objectives not posting, writing, bidding on freelancers etc..

  • fully responsive
  • Modular Components
  • Multiple Platforms
  • Tailored to your needs
"We are working at over 
twice the value of our competitors".

Our focus is in developing Small busineses, Entreprenuers, and brands. We want to empower people to do for themselves and fill the gaps in what they are doing and maximaizing their existing efforts!

Eric Downs, Owner CEO

Less work, more flow

Integrations and automation to increase productivity and maximize contact potential

Audience Targeting

Barking up the wrong tree is just like burning bills to attract clients with smoke signals. There are too many targeting points to mention, let us help you focus on the right demographic for your audience.


Depending on the attention you require we have different levels of co-operation, are you looking for a little coaching or up to a full service E-solutions management

Industry trending Technology

We have pushed and pulled our way through the industries with a combined production experience of over 50 years. We drive what trends technology. We were her before mp3's  and Google.

World Wide presence

We service clients and corporations in the U.S., India, South America, China, Japan, and Ugoslavia

Every available Media

We touch every available social media platform, outlet, streamer, and any other means of brand awareness and e-commerce services. Physical, Digital, Service, and one of a kind item industries benefit from our team.

Global minded

We are one Plant in One Existence. Comparative advantages dictate the need for working as a whole planet regardless of political boundaries.

Speak With the Owner

Feel free to reach out to Rox Productions for any questions, a free consult, or to speak with our owner. Please fill the form out below. All information is Private we will not sell or spam your information.

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More and More clients every day are enjoying the benefits of the growing American Company.